United We are strong!

Officers run Artur's Army missions. Officers vary from Convoy logistics to managing the back end of the website, these men are united not by language or country but by their shared belief in Ukrainian and Estonian Freedom and Victory. Together We will bring Ukraine to Victory.


Artur Rehi

Artur is an Estonian military blogger who goes to Ukraine regularly to deliver the aid his viewers have purchased. He sets up regular fundraisers through which his viewers buy Drones, Vehicles, night visions, medical aid and other necessary elements for Ukrainian victory. Artur values actions and efficiency over all and has surrounded himself with people who share his mission and work ethic.

Elijah Anderson

My name is Elijah Anderson and I am NAFO fella from Estonia. I am engaged in photography, videography, music and since this year I have been working with Arthur Rehi and his platforms and also at We also launched the Russian-language  Arthur Rehi channel, and it is not primarily aimed at audiences from Russia, but we are also...

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Ragnar Sass

Ragnar Sass – Estonian entrepreneur and the leader of the 69-th Sniffing Brigade of NAFO. Under his leadership the 69-th Sniffing Brigade has delivered over 300 Trucks and hundreds of drones to Ukrainian military Units in the amount of approximately 5 million $. Artur Rehi has done 5 successful fundraisers with Ragnar whose steady and firm leadership has transformed the 69-th Brigade to the biggest Estonian Ukraine Aid operation. Ragnar...

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Roland Pikkmaa

Roland is a car wizard in its purest meaning. He makes sure every truck we hand over to the Ukrainian units is fit for battle. Under his supervision no trucks even dare to break down. Roland has a sense of humour like no one else, it is common to laugh yourself into oblivion when Roland gets going with his jokes. Roland is selfless and extremely hard working and a fundamental...

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Heiner Philipp

Heiner is a man of many skills and he seems to be equally excellent in all of them. By education he is a mechanical engineer. He is working with Artur in the drone department of Artur’s Army. He is also a very successful businessman and he uses the proceeds of his success to house Ukrainian families with kids. Heiner has given a new life to tens of Ukrainian refugee families....

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Oliver Reinaas

Oliver is an energetic entrepreneur with focus. He has a vision for ideas that need to be converted into reality, Oliver is able to lay out a step by step course of action to achieve the set goal. Oliver and his team designed and built the REHI website and are responsible for the backend of the page.

Brandon Mitchell

Brandon is a legendary volunteer medic and he currently resides outside of Ukraine and is preparing his return to the country. His fundraising efforts have been unbelievable since he fundraises for medical equipment that directly saves lives on the front. Brandon has stabilised countless soldiers in stabilisation points in Southern Ukraine and knows exactly what equipment is needed where. His life saving efforts on the front are known...

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Frank Wilde

Frank is a legendary fashion stylist and a wardrobe designer and a human rights activist who is known for his extremely wild and distinguished personal style and his unwavering support for Ukraine. He is also one of the most well-known LGBTQ supporters of Ukraine and has already successfully completed his own fundraisers. He is a manifestation of creativity when it comes to clothing and style and he brings...

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I have been a brain damaged NAFO cartoon dog for over two years. During this time, I have received lots of “love” and “appreciation” from vatniks and russian lie spreaders who are outraged at both NAFO and Estonia. I have also supported and promoted many fundraisers for people and defenders of Ukraine, met many good people and fellas across Europe, and been inspired by the courage and resilience...

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Regina Bauer

My name is Regina Bauer, and I am an Estonian entrepreneur. I strongly believe that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are defending not only Ukraine but all of Europe from a broader conflict. I wholeheartedly support Ukraine’s accession to both NATO and the European Union. Ukraine’s future lies within Europe. Let’s help them repel the invaders and protect our continent. Please donate to support the Protectors of Europe!

Pekka Kallioniemi

My name is Pekka Kallioniemi. I study and research Kremlin disinformation, and you may know me from projects such as Vatnik Soup and Soup Central. I strongly support Ukraine in their fight against genocidal Russia, which is also why I wanted to take part in this fantastic fundraiser in cooperation with Artur Rehi.