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We are people united not by language or country but by our belief in Freedom, Democracy and Justice. Artur’s Army stands up to Russian tyranny and occupation in Ukraine. We are people with the will and purpose to act now. Suffering in Ukraine cannot be put on a pause, therefore speed and efficiency are vital parts of any Ukraine Aid Operation. In Artur’s Army you will find the most efficient and direct ways to aid Ukraine. All missions are documented for everyone to see in a video format. Your action makes a difference. Together We will bring Ukraine to Victory!


Cheap, cost-effective and mass-produceable small first-person-view kamikaze drones have proven to be the most efficient way of liberating Ukraine and knocking the Invaders out cold! Send a drone with Your name on it!

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Most Ukrainian transportation to and from the zero-line happens with 4x4 trucks which are light, fast and not as big of a target than Infantry Fighting Vehicles. These trucks directly save lives. Send a truck with Your name on it!

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Up to 80% of the small kamikaze drones in Ukraine are produced with the funding from volunteers like you. The units operating these drones drive the very trucks given by volunteers like you. You have a direct way to change the outcome of the war and see it happen through Artur's Army video documentation. Let's act now!

260 drones


21 vehicles


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In the pursuit of freedom