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I have been a brain damaged NAFO cartoon dog for over two years. During this time, I have received lots of “love” and “appreciation” from vatniks and russian lie spreaders who are outraged at both NAFO and Estonia. I have also supported and promoted many fundraisers for people and defenders of Ukraine, met many good people and fellas across Europe, and been inspired by the courage and resilience of Ukrainians and foreign volunteers who continue to defend us all from russian imperialist barbarian terrorist aggressors.


My cause is removing russian poison from Western brains. We can defeat russia in Ukraine, and it will be a good thing for the free world. russian imperialist crimes have never been punished–until now. All free russia’s neighbours stand steadfast with Ukraine because we have all experienced the same imperialist aggression and crimes that Ukraine is defending against today. I cannot even share with you the sense of justice for past unpunished horrors that defeating russia and holding russians accountable for their crimes would bring to this region and free people all over the world. The only reason why this has not already happened is russian poison, lies, and hate that continue to obscure the Western decision makers’ sense of right and wrong and influence their decisions. russia has

spared no effort in spreading its poison, and lots of hard work remains ahead to remove it. But NAFO is off to a pretty good start.


I am a big fan of Artur’s Army and the work Artur and his team are doing to support Ukrainian defenders online and in real life. I have joined Artur to raise funds for a truck that will help Ukrainian defenders. My truck will be handed over to the Revanche Team, GUR and Artur Rehi will drive it to Kyiv and make photos and videos of the handover.


If you donate 200 or more USD you will get a JAANUS & REHI patch NR 7 that is not for sale and can only be acquired through REHI fundraisers.


This campaign is done in cooperation with the 69th Sniffing Brigade, check them out here: https://www.help99.co

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